Stacks of papers

I didn’t know that I would have a pile of same books on my bookshelf. Either blue or navy blue with colourful notebooks.


Studying ACCA in India is cheaper than countries like UK, Singapore, Hongkong. There are many academies and resources that you can find in here. An ACCA book (Kaplan or BPP) with revision kit is around INR 2400-2500(about £26). The tuition fee is about £150-250 which depends on the academy. If you use Opentuition or other resources, it will save you lot more.

If you have finished A-level, ACCA foundation level of 1,2,3 and 5 will be easy for you. I can tell because I have cleared them without a problem. I have also noticed that my friends, who have finished their CBSE board, which is Indian Central Board of Secondary Education, had no problem for these subjects.

Till now I have completed seven exams, F1,2,3,5,7,8 and 9. I had classes for these papers except F8 which is the most recent exam. F8 is audit and assurance. For this, I went to another academy than Symbiosis because Symbi did not have a class for F8. The name of the institute is Times and Trends Academy. One of my friends have told me that they are perfect for F6 which I bitterly failed, and I had no idea how to deal with F8, too. My friends either cleared F8 by self-study or did not attempt at all. So I thought, whatever and I do not have time for it. But I soon regretted the hasty decision. I did not like the teaching style of the tutor, which I would not talk about further. I guess F8 would be sufficient enough to study by self if you have enough time. I cannot talk about TT because I had only limited experience.

The exams that I did not clear at one attempt are F4 and 6, which I did not prepare well for the exams.

It was 2016 June that I gave F6 and 7 together. Teachers did not recommend me to give the both exam at the same session, but I did it because I already have booked them. I could prepare F7 well, but I could not allocate the time for F6. Also, I was terrified with the size of the book, which is about 5cm thick. Now I am studying F6(UK) again for FA 2016. I believe I can understand it better as it is not a new subject and I am familiar with the concepts. Thankfully, I do not recall the previous FA 2014.(If I did, I would have struggled myself forget the past memory and put new concepts) My ACCA tutors told me several times that if you learn Finance Act, IFRS or IAS, you better forget the previous knowledge. I agree with them completely.

For F4, it was completely FIASCO! I am terrible at theories (though F8 was manageable). My friends told me F4 is the easiest paper that can be finished by one week. And I listened to them recklessly. Furthermore, I was confused with Indian Companies Act. Let me tell you, I felt miserable.

From these mistakes, I have learnt that I should not listen to anybody else because I know myself better. Plus, I should not give two numerical solving exam papers at one session because it is not manageable for myself.

For the other exams, I have solved the revision kits at least twice. The thing that I did was before you answer any questions on the kit, print the kit and keep them aside. Then before the exam, solve them once or twice or thrice till you think it is enough. With this, solve relevant mock exam and past papers.

I think there is no short cut for such exam. On Facebook or other sites which provide ACCA information post with the relevant topics for the exam. But PLEASE remember this. The examiner covers all syllabus. Even if the past paper covers limited topics, do not expect it will be same for the upcoming exam.

I always imagine me working at the accounting firm (Big4), wearing a formal outfit, being professional, hardworking and enjoying the work. For this, I am trying hard and will work harder. I am sure that I will get there.



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