University pressure

When I had to apply for universities, I really wanted to go South Korea. This desire was because I felt my friends would go Korea and leave me alone in India (now I feel stupid though). I am pessimistic about the education system and their competitive environment, I do not want to live in there(This may change). But for vacation it is completely different issue.

I chose Symbiosis for my undergraduate. Since when I wanted to be an accountant, I have decided to go Symbiosis, which apparently was not a bad choice. The merit of joining Symbiosis was that it is center for ACCA in Pune.

First when I got to know about ACCA, I thought I should finish my undergraduate first and deal with ACCA thereafter. But I could do both without sacrificing my time and also any of studies.

I was kind of disappointed with college infrastructure but soon it was not a problem as the college was constantly improving their facilities. Also there were too less number of foreigners. I felt like I was the outsider in the college, which clearly was not. Now when I think about my college, it is place where I can feel peace and warmth.

It is delighting to get supports from professors. I believe there is no racism in Symbiosis, at least for me. I believe the other’s attitude is determined by my behaviour. Unlike Korean universities, there is no choice of making the schedule for the lectures. It just starts from 7.30 a.m.. I try to be regular, not missing any important lecture and as a result I got 100% attendance last year.

ACCA class in Symbi is economic and effective. When I registered with Symbiosis, I have got scholarship for waiving off the subscription fee which is almost reaching £100.

Further information about me studying ACCA will be posted soon.


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